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 Title: Forklift battery sales - Description: GB Industrial Battery, electric forklift battery sales and repair.Title: 36 volt forklift battery - Description: 36 volt forklift batteries. GB Battery – EO583 Battery Sales





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image018 We Deliver Power!

Quality, Price and Availability are key factors whenever you purchase a product.

But why stop there? GB Industrial Battery unites those factors with Experience and a level of Customer Service unparalleled in today’s material handling market.

Our broad range of Industrial Power Products carry the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry, providing additional Productivity without additional Cost. To increase efficiency and keep our prices low, we build our batteries and chargers to order, and ship direct. As a result, we’re typically 10% less than our closest competitor.

And, from Forklift, to Locomotive and Solar applications, GB Industrial Battery is Delivering Power faster than any other industry leader. While most battery suppliers are now averaging 8 weeks, GB delivery time averages just 6 days, from receipt of order to your door.

Our experienced sales staff is waiting to assist you. Contact us for pricing, or if you just have a question about your existing product. Whether you’re shopping or not, browse our informative links and downloads.




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Title: Forklift Batteries - Description: GB Industrial Batteries for electric lift trucks, reach trucks and pallet jacks. 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt. Highest quality at the lowest price. Battery model 18-125-13 and 18-85-17 price list.            Low Factory Direct Pricing on forklift batteries and chargers.

Title: 18-85-17 battery - Description: Model 18-85-17 forklift battery. Batteries for electric lift trucks at wholsale price.            Leasing & financing options: Up to 60 months / $1 buyout.

Title: Forklift battery repair - Description: Forklift battery repair. Cell replacement, cable replacement, acid adjustment, battery testing and refurbish.            Local Service and Installation.

Title: Made in America - Description: GB Industrial Batteries are made in America. Many brands, such as Green Power Battery, Cronus Battery and Xtra Power Battery are MADE IN CHINA.            All batteries and chargers are 100% American Made.

Title: Forklift battery parts and accessories - Description: GB Industrial Battery offers battery watering systems and water level indicator lights that make batteries virtually mainenance free.            Parts and Accessories: The most knowledgeable parts staff in the industry.

Title: Refurbished forklift batteries - Description: GB Industrial Battery has refurbished forklift batteries, aka remanufactured forklift batteries or reconditioned forklift batteries, for sale at the lowest prices. See our reconditioned battery price list.            Reconditioned Batteries and Chargers: Pre-owned and off lease units. Subject to availability.

Title: Contact GB Industrial Battery Sales - Description: Contact our forklift battery sales department for the lowest price on 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt forklift batteries. Forklift batteries can be used for home solar systems.            The fastest turnaround on custom sizes: Contact our sales department for details.

Title: Forklift battery maintenance instructions - Description: GB Industrial Battery maintenance instructions. Proper battery care, maintaining your forklift battery.            We explain Proper Battery Care: An informed customer is our best customer.

Title: Forklift battery handling systems - Description: GB Industrial Battery offers MTC and BHS battery handling equipment.             Battery Handling Equipment: Complete turnkey battery handling systems.

Title: Automatic watering systems for forklift batteries - Description: GB Industrial Battery offers Automatic watering systems for forklift batteries. Electric forklift batteries require water weekly. A single point watering systems can fill a forklift battery in seconds, and can be installed on new and used forklift batteries.            Automatic battery watering systems: Factory Installed Option.

Title: Battery cleaning - Description: GB Industrial Battery offers battery cleaning, washing and corrosion removal.            On-site battery cleaning: Available Nation-Wide. See our Services page for details.

Title: GB Industrial Battery Dealers - Description: GB Industrial Battery dealer locator. Serving New York, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, California and Illinois. Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles and Miami.            DEALER LOCATOR – Find the sales / service agent near you!

Title: Forklift Battery Sales - Description: GB Industrial Battery, Forklift battery sales and service. We accept most major Credit Cards.



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Title: Forklift battery price list - Description: Order forklift batteries online at GB Industrial Battery. 36v forklift battery sales. Online Battery Price List


Title: 48v forklift batteries - Description: GB Industrial Battery, 48 volt forklift battery sales. Online Battery Order Form (New batteries only)


Title: Order forklift batteries - Description: How to order forklift batteries from GB Industrial Battery. How to Order

Title: Battery Dimensions - Description: How to measure a forklift battery. Find battery voltage and specifications. E583, EO583 and EE forklift battery specs and prices. Battery Measurements

Title: Forklift battery plugs - Description: Forklift battery plug sizes and spcifications. Standard Plugs

Title: Optional plugs for forklift batteries - Description: Sizes and specs for optional plugs. Optional Plugs

Title: Forklift battery covers - Description: Electric forklift trucks require a battery with a cover on some models, known as E583 batteries. Forklift batteries with no cover are known as EO583 batteries. Battery Cover Styles



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